Airpass Testimonial


AirPass is a passenger handling company based in Portugal providing its service to the charter, general aviation & regular flight industry for the past 20 years. Being AirPass of Scandinavian ownership and renowned for its high service level standards, AirPass needed a DCS system that could live up to our goals.

During these last years AirPass had been searching for alternative DCS provider in order to give our staff a more reliable & user friendly system. The primary goal however, was to reduce the check-in flow of the passengers & naturally in the process reduce costs.

After a demonstration of the Ink web based DCS capabilities and subsequent talks, AirPass felt comfortable that all the goals could be met when opting for Ink Aviation.

Implementation was fairly simple in comparison to other DCS providers & it was professionally handled by their support group; all involved were readily available at any time during the entire process.

We can happily confirm that staff training hours have reduced dramatically with the Ink system & staff has only given positive feedback whilst using the system; as administrator I can only speak highly of it as well & I would recommend it to everyone within the industry.

Thomas Vikre
Operations Manager

Ink Aviation