easyJet use Ink Self Service Kiosk check-in

easyJet use Ink Self Service Kiosk check-in

Project Halo is an easyJet initiative to replace check-in desks with devices that process passenger details and print boarding passes. If fits into a larger strategy of reducing queueing at Bag Drop and departure gates, with mobile scanning of boarding passes.

Project Scope

Ink's CUSS Kiosk Check-in solution had to continue to work as the company transitions to Halo, which will largely diverge from industry-standard Common Use platforms.

During implementation, the airline wanted to do the minimum amount of technical development while preserving unified processes (e.g. Speedy Boarding). Ink's "passive integration" involves working with the other parties' technical specifications instead of forcing adherence to our own. This reduces the burden of integration for airlines and their system providers.


Ink Aviation totally customised our CUSS Kiosk Check-in to conform to the strong easyJet brand. Rather than add a splash of orange here or there, we designed a coherent look and feel using graphic elements that coordinated with their website and overall corporate identity.

Ink CUSS Kiosk Check-in is certified on multiple CUSS kiosk platforms. Passengers conveniently submit their APIS (Advance Passenger) data by scanning their ID documents at the kiosks. Alternatively, we use existing APIS data in their Reservations System, eRes.

Large groups of passengers can be checked-in together at the kiosk, reducing the number that are redirected to desks.


The CUSS kiosk application produces "Inactive" baggage tags. Self Service takes on a new dimension when virtually all passengers can continue to serve themselves by printing their own tags.

Ink Aviation integrated our both kiosk check-in and Common Use Bag Drop for agents with easyJet's Halo running in the Microsoft Azure Cloud. Bags dropped in our system are reflected instantly in the eRes host and at the same time, their system does not see Inactive tags nor needless transactions. The final solution is point-and-scan easy for their handling agents and passengers.

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