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Our Airline

Our Airline is a small full service Pacific carrier providing regular scheduled and charter flights on behalf of a number of regional companies in Australia, Norfolk Island, the Republic of Nauru and the Republic of Kiribati.

This airline is a complex unique business model, operating into in some of the most highly regulated and sophisticated airports in the world through to some of the most primitive. At the more primitive airports computers and electricity are limited and internet connectivity is unstable.

In the larger highly regulated Airports in Australia it is a requirement to automate the DCS check-in system. The large airlines either maintain their own DCS systems or subscribe to one of the multinational DCS systems. Entry costs to these DCS systems are prohibitive to small carriers with only limited passenger numbers. We found Ink keen to grow in the smaller carrier market, and at the same time they were sufficiently sophisticated to support the requirements of a full service international airline.

While Ink Aviation had primarily serviced the Low Cost carrier model in Europe we found they were prepared to embrace the requirements of a full service carrier, and have willingly developed their technology to handle such complexities as Multi-sector, Transit and Codeshare flights. We continue to work together with Ink on projects such as integrated Advanced Passenger Processing requirements and we find their attitude towards development to be flexible and accommodating.

I would be happy to provide further information about our experience with Ink DCS and Ink Aviation, if so required.

Commercial Manager Ground Services
Our Airline

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