Relentless blue sky thinking

Ink runs airline and airport operational systems on the sharp end where even one minute of delay has repercussions. This does not stop us from asking stakeholders to internally and externally challenge why things have to be the way they are. And then give them the tools to change. That is why clients entrust large parts of their networks to us.

We empower them to reshape their business and pushback against traditional policies that harm their profitability and efficiency. We help customers reduce costs and give insight into why many of the objections they are given for implementing progressive changes have little or no technical basis.

Doing business with Ink

Ink help you to make step-changes within your business. Make tangible, exciting improvements in less time than it takes for others to do feasibility studies.

Our customers call on us when others cannot implement fast enough, affordably enough or provide solutions that are flexible enough. We work in partnership with our customers to refine and shape processes within their business.

Project costs are offset by savings from reduced training, operational costs, smaller Type B messaging bills, process simplification and migration off of costly CUTE platforms. This is while reducing check-in times up to 50% compared to competing graphical check-in solutions.

View our references to see the companies that we provide mission critical passenger services to, either directly or indirectly.


Flexibility and agility
are essential today.
Ink empowers clients
to move quickly.


Innovation without hesitation

Entrust the implementation of your mobile strategy to an independent company with nothing to lose from transitioning your entire operation off desktops. 

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model keep costs in line with revenue. Effortlessly interchange between our browser-based software and mobile tech or dump the Common Use desktop altogether and cut out at least one big layer of cost.

Passionate about mobile

Everyone at Ink passionately believes in the ability of mobile computing to transform aviation.

Industry incumbents have much to lose if there is a rapid, major transition from desktop PCs in airports running Windows-based hardware to mobile computing. Currently, all Passenger Service Systems except Ink are centred on Windows and PC-based computing.

At Ink, we engage forward-thinking airlines and airports to do check-in, APIS collection, bag drop, load control and boarding inside and outside the airport without onerous Common Use contracts and exorbitant CUTE CLUB overheads.

Ink Aviation