Support you can depend on


Ink Aviation Support Desk

Your business can depend on Ink to support the mission critical systems that we supply and install. The central portal for the delivery of Support is our online Support Desk from any Web connection in the airport or over your Smartphone.

Support Desk

Staff from our clients can register themselves and:

  • self serve using documentation in our Knowledge Base – the same Knowledge Base that our telephone Support staff use and update.
  • access online manuals for our products
  • raise Support Tickets that are escalated to Second Line and Third Line Support as appropriate
  • call our manned support telephone line
  • e-mail our support gateway that raises tickets

Take control of your support

Tickets have flight details fields to eliminate ambiguity and get support technicians to pick up problem flight(s) fast when only a few minutes delay could hurt On Time Performance (OTP) and cause the aircraft to miss a valuable slot.

The freedom to set your own required Service Levels allows your staff to balance cost against the urgency of the request.

Our support helps you solve your problems quickly. Everyone on our team are experienced users who are able to escalate tickets as necessary to find and fix the root causes of problems. We do not outsource our support to third-party call centres.

Little need for support

Our systems are purposely engineered with a high level of usability and reliability. They don’t break. So there is little reason to use Support in the first place. Although we provide it, we do not use it as a crutch for poorly engineering our systems. By getting things right in the first place, there is little need to have an army of people to make your systems work after you buy them. We identify reliable suppliers for our hardware so even though we use Common Off The Shelf (COTS) hardware, it won’t melt in your hands.

Pay as you use

We don’t get rich off support. And we don’t believe in hitting up our clients for huge support contracts. If you organise your own operation to provide First Line Support internally, in practice there is little need to raise tickets on Ink’s Support Desk. And when you do, we bill per minute to solve the problem. If it is solved in 10 mins, that is all we bill. If you prefer to prepay for a fixed amount of support hours, you can determine the amount and pay accordingly.

Rock solid uptime

The uptime of our core systems always exceed 99.95%, including planned downtime for maintenance. They routinely achieve or exceed 99.99% uptime.

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