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Serve passengers better

A suite of systems that helps you to serve passengers where they want

Ink Cloud is a next-generation platform for airports, airlines and ground handlers to process passengers faster, easier and better.

Ink hardware and software dramatically update passenger services and processes. Ink drives down costs and reduces the difficulty of adopting tech that improves the passenger experience.

Integrate Ink into existing systems or quickly replace legacy or expensive alternatives.

Unchain your passenger services

Take service to your passengers in front of the desk

Our mobile systems provide access to all of the passenger information and system functions that agents need.

Check-in with APIS collection. Bag tag printing and bag drop can be done in front of the desk; next to the belt in a single or a multi-step process for unmatched throughput.

If your bag drop process is virtually as complex as a check-in transaction, Ink will reduce it to a single scan for typical transactions and handle exceptions with minimum steps.


Unbeatable usability. Unlimited flexibility.

Retire your legacy Departure Control and turbo-charge your operation

  • PC, Peripheral and Kiosk administration
  • Inter-Airline Through Check-in and E-Tickets
  • Mobile document printing
  • Runs on Microsoft PCs, iOS and Android
  • Certified on major CUTE providers
  • Document printing with or without CUTE
  • Avoids Type/B messaging fees
  • Transparent APIS submission
  • Multiple channels : Kiosk, Desk, Mobile, SMS
  • Automatic check-in by PNL or Web Service
  • Fully integrated Bag Drop
  • Final Figures to Load Control or Pilot EFBs
  • Full departure control process
  • Multi-carrier / mixed lines
  • Remote offsite check-in
  • Full audit trail of all agent actions
  • In-flight aircraft configuration change
  • Allocated / non-allocated seating
  • Pax manifest creation and baggage manifests
  • Direct import of IATA PNLs or non-IATA lists
  • Print Loadsheets at Gates
  • Sub-second boarding transactions
  • Management Information reporting
  • Hundreds more features …

Self Service Bag Drop.
CUSS Check-in.
One unit. One price.

Fully automated  check-in and bag drop in a single, sensible unit.

Implement self service with a beautiful self service unit that does multiple functions.

The Ink kiosk runs an IATA CUSS v1.2 platform. And does self service bag drop, self service check-in, prints baggage tags, collects APIS, scans smartphone barcodes and takes payments.

We’ve designed it with an impossibly small footprint using aesthetic yet robust materials to deliver the functions travellers expect.

Say goodbye to CUTE

CUTE Fees are anything but cute.
Consign them to history.

Conventional thinking is that core passenger services are mainly delivered from desks. Check-in, bag drop, sales and boarding processes are all centred on desks that are expensive to build, manage and use.

With Ink, airlines do not need desks.

Ink’s secure mobile app scans barcodes, prints barcoded boarding passes and baggage tags, reads bag weights from scales, controls baggage belts, scans ID, does bag drop, boarding, runs a full DCS, sells Ancillaries and takes payments.

Ink is the only Common Use provider that believes in sharing infrastructure without CUTE or CUPPS.

  Available in the


Apple Passbook
with zero effort

Any airline, no matter how small, can start using Apple Passbook. Today.

Send Boarding Passes to customers running Apple iOS. Android phones and iPhones without Passbook receive boarding data via SMS and the Web.

Use passengers’ mobile numbers to build a more meaningful relationships with them.

Maximise Ancillaries.
Sell more, more easily.

Automatic Ancillary calculations.
Take payments anywhere. Anytime.

Stop punishing your passengers by redirecting them to slow-moving Sales Desk queues. Bring the Sales function to them and start selling at the point of need.

Ink’s Ancillary Calculation Engine (ACE) automatically calculates ancillary fees that, before now, required human logic.

Accept secure, PCI-compliant credit card payments and issue receipts anywhere.

Turn traditional service agents into mobile Sales Agents that serve your passengers better. Sell outside the airport, sell on kiosks, sell at check-in or in bag drop queues (we can help you shorten those too), keep selling at the boarding gate, sell in the lounge… sell… sell… sell.

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