Menzies trusts Ink to deliver a robust next generation DCS

Menzies trusts Ink to deliver a robust next generation DCS

Menzies Aviation


Menzies Aviation is one of the world's largest international ground handlers. They have been an early adopter of Ink systems and use our systems widely to gain a competitive edge.

Project Scope

Menzies Aviation operations include regional, low cost point-to-point and full service carriers. Each carrier has their own procedures, handling rules, baggage charging schemes, bespoke SSRs and mix of check-in channels - Web, CUSS, etc. Duty managers wanted control over:

  • creating and editing Seat Maps in a visual editor
  • determining message routing and using the Web to reduce costs
  • automating message import, flight generation and more

Staff want a Departure Control System that makes their lives easier and:

  • is genuinely easy to learn and use
  • avoids fiendish, finger-twisting typed commands
  • is fast and stable
  • semi-automates trivial tasks


Ink DCS is the next generation check-in solution with which Menzies will eventually replace CODECO and other legacy DCSes across their network. Our modern technology stack allows them to start-up new stations in record time. TCP/IP transport gives them many deployment possibilities over MPLS, xDSL, VPN and even local LANs. Ink DCS is deployed in some stations as a centrally hosted DCS but even when deployed as a Local DCS, our unique architecture still has all the advantages of a centrally hosted system.

Only Ink DCS gives Menzies the ability to adapt to airline baggage charging requirements quickly. Excess Baggage charges are automatically calculated by A.C.E., eliminating calculators and guesswork. Scalability, deployment and IT resource management are entirely in the hands of their IT department. We believe in empowering our clients and having them share in the administration, which gives them a high level of control without the burden of technical minutiae.

Our unique relationship encourages feedback from their front line, with which we continually improve the performance and feature set of our products. They also benefit from the steady stream of improvements we make for others, helping to keep their operation ahead of the game.

Ink Aviation